Effective Strategies By SEM Consulting Firm That Provide Direct Sales

  1/1/2019 6:56:01 PM

So, you’ve set your online goals and your SEM consulting firm has decided on effective marketing strategies that provide direct sales. What next? Well, the next step is to decide which online marketing channels you will need to use. So, the real question is which one is better for gaining brand awareness and direct sales for your business?

An Overview of Search Engine Marketing Strategies (SEM)

SEM is one of the most effective ways to grow your business online and to promote your products. SEM strategies are focussed on improving your website’s visibility in search engines and producing direct sales.

The Concept Of SEM Strategies Is Quite Simple

When someone is looking for a product or service online, it means they are in ‘hunt mode’ and they are in need of relevant information to meet their immediate or any future need.

A signal is sent to the search engine that the person is searching for information and the search engine provides some of the best sources of targeted traffic.

SEM strategy is a combination of many activities. But it is often known by the term Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads. In simple words, Effective SEM strategies are anything that you do to rank your website ahead of your competitors in paid search results on the most relevant and commercial keywords.

Smart Search Engine Marketing Strategies

Internet marketing is tremendously getting competitive; attracting customers and increasing direct sales has become a challenge. Our SEM consulting firm works on the following SEM strategies to attract potential customers and increase direct sales.

1. Competitor Check:

Initial and foremost thing an online marketer needs to know is, how well their competitors are doing, typically what keywords they’re using, how are their landing pages working, etc. If you planning for doing search engine marketing, you need to know who is ranking better with their keywords. Keyword analysis is the foundation upon which all good search marketing campaigns are built. Competitive keyword analysis is one of the most effective ways to compete in a crowded space and gain a crucial advantage over other businesses in the market. So how do you actually find those keywords that your competitors are targeting in their paid campaign? You cannot attract customers and improve direct sales if you’re not aware of what your competitors are doing. We are here to find competitor keywords using effective SEM strategies.

2. Right Keywords Selection:

Put yourself in the consumers’ shoes and do your keywords research. Analyze the keywords your competitors are using and extend your keywords by using the Google AdWords tool. Targeting relevant, high-intent keywords, structuring campaigns into logical, relevant ad groups, and excluding wasteful negative keywords are all steps advertisers should take to build strong PPC campaigns. Keyword research tends to reshape your content optimization. No matter what your content marketing strategy is, keyword research is the fuel. Keywords inform marketers as to what their audience strives to understand, let them monitor their competition and provide a constant source of content ideas. PPC competition is one aspect of the keyword landscape. Perhaps the opportunities lie with informational keywords. In fact, 71% of marketers use these broad match keywords to capture leads at the top of the marketing funnel. Target keywords that are specific to your ad campaign. Target niche market, suppose you’re an SMS marketing website, target keywords such as “Bulk SMS Service”, “Bulk SMS Service Provider in Gujarat”, “Promotional Bulk SMS Service Provider”, “Transactional Bulk SMS Service Provider”, etc. Gradually keep increasing and editing your keywords until you find the most effective ones.

3. Call To Action:

A call to action in your ads and your website, no matter how simple, is important. Getting your potential customers attention is very important, but getting them to directly do what you require them to do is a goal, whether it’s getting them to sign up for an email newsletter or purchase a six-digit-priced piece of equipment. Customers visit your page for their own advantage. For instance, in an SMS marketing website customer are looking for a bulk SMS service, in Tally SMS plugin software website customers are looking for a free trial or free download of tally plugin software. Hence, they're willing to take an action on your ads and then on the landing page. Create a professional and user-friendly landing page and a call to action (CTA) button such as “Free Sign Up”, “Log in here”, “Free Download”, “Call Now”, “Buy Now” etc. Your landing page, as well as your ads, should include a very prominent call to action button.

4. Relevant Text Ad Copy:

To effectively reach potential consumers, your text ads should be specific, relevant, attractive, and empowering. Increase in sales will directly increase your ROI. Users will always appreciate your business for marketing the right type of products and services in your ad. In case, the latest model of iPhone is out-of-stock in the local stores, after researching people find it on your website, they will be glad that you have what they want. Therefore, they'll click to your ads and make purchases. Your Text ad copy should match with what you’re selling and what people are searching, your keywords should be relevant to your product for e.g. “latest iPhone models”, “latest iPhone price”, “latest iPhone price in Gujarat”, etc. in this case. Make your ad copy as relevant as possible for example “This festive season, enjoy the touch of the new iPhone”, “prepare to experience the new iPhone XR”, etc., you can use better and creative lines in your text ad copy. Keep experimenting with your keywords and ad copy. The Relevant Text ads will bring you higher click-through rates, higher quality scores and higher conversion rates.

5. Target Audience & Active Interaction:

One of the most effective solutions is to target audience in PPC marketing campaigns based on various options available. While targeting in PPC campaign, you can reach a specific set of potential customers. But, in order to have a more effective PPC marketing campaign, marketers have to move past these traditional buyer personas. They need to incorporate behaviour-based audiences, created using Google Analytics and AdWords. Integrating these quantitative audiences into SEM strategy will help marketers and provides direct sales. Identify which sect of audience you need to draw to your website. Target your audiences age-wise, gender-wise, location wise and interest wise. After finding your potential customers, start interacting with them through social platforms and understand their requirements and needs. Find out the insights into what they are looking for in your products and service. To solve client queries, take active participation by replying on time.



6. Update Your Ad Extensions:

Always use ad extensions to promote various offers and highlight important value propositions that couldn’t be included in the ads. We know that introducing ad extensions to appear alongside your ads can considerably improve its CTR and Quality Score. However, as you create new expanded relevant text ads and add more details to your offers within the body of your ads, you will likely make many of your old ad extensions redundant. Google won’t help your ad extensions if they only serve to repeat the text already included in your ads, so make sure as you update your ads you refresh your ad extensions with new, different content to promote alongside your new larger ads. Advertisers should be excited once they check out Google’s new expanded text ads, but don’t forget to do your work as a marketer and write great relevant ads.



The most important components to attract customers and increase direct sales can be achieved through visibility, creativity and continuity. Your brand should consist of all the three elements for quick ROI. Don’t spend time searching for competitors' ideas, use strategies that will help you gain visibility. Think creatively and alter changes to your ad campaigns by observing your and your competitor’s campaign.

There is no shortcut to fame; continuous hard works and effective efforts are required for any brand to gain visibility. Spend adequate time on optimizing and analyzing your ad campaign. Look for creative ideas to improve direct sales and attract qualified visitors to your ad campaign. Implement these viral strategies offered by our SEM consulting firm and see the difference in your campaign.

Importance Of SEM Traffic For Direct Sales 

SEM traffic is considered the most important source of internet traffic because it is targeted to sales. It is widely accepted that folks use search engines to find a solution to a problem, an answer to their question or to learn how to do something.

So, when searchers click on a website from the search results or click on an ad, they are more likely to convert. The relevancy of the displayed websites and text ads makes SEM traffic is more valuable than any of the other sources.

Facebook and Twitter are trying to optimize their advertising platforms to utilize targeted traffic but still, traffic coming directly from search engines has a higher ROI.

Succeed At SEM With SMSIdea

At SMSIdea, we eat, sleep, and breathe search engine marketing. Whether you’re a newcomer to paid search marketing or a seasoned professional, Our SEM consulting firm provides you with everything you need to succeed at SEM.  

Our SEM consulting firm, SMSIdea, makes managing your search engine marketing campaigns easy and efficient, leaving you more time to focus on your business.  

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