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Collect, Connect & Communicate

With worlclass service of Emailidea, build your list, connect with the audience by sending meaningfull email communication and drive revenues.

Bulk Email Service Provider in India

More Than 10 Billion Emails Delivered

Our vision and mission are to make bulk email delivery effortless so our clients can focus on new sales and business development opportunities. We make it simple for SMEs and enterprises to draw, connect, and construct relationships with their customers through transactional email services.

More Than 50000 Happy Customers

Experiencing the challenges and complexities of antiquated technology ourselves, we designed our product Emailidea-an email marketing bulk agency, for a seamless professional communication. Since its establishment, back in 2008, Emailidea has grown to be a leader in email marketing and has served more than 50 thousand customers.

Being an email marketing agency, we deliver the best of service experience for a win-win situation.


Different communication solutions for your varied business needs.

Bulk Email Services & Personalization

Making every customer feel extraordinary is the most acceptable approach to connect with any of the existing and future clients. Leverage the power of personalized email campaigns as per your needs.

Contact Management For Best Email Services

Make sure that your best email services sends are going just to those subscribers who want to take delivery of them. Create your audience precisely and handle your contact groups through our email platform.

Intuitive Email Builder

Our intuitive drag-and-drop editor facilitates marketers first. Sending emails through our responsive email templates look professional and elegant on any screen or make your own templates without using code.

Higher Inbox Delivery

We make sure professional email content is utilized from our varied range of senders and facilitates genuine email addresses, enabling higher inbox deliveries to the end users or customers.

Continuous Support

Strong support is one of our offerings; we analyze every issue of our client and solve the same using automation so that it doesn’t get repeated once solved.

Effortless Email Campaigns

We help our clients work on their email campaigns, setting-up the campaign details, the involved designs, adding of contacts, and send emails in bulk at the scheduled time by the user.

Our Specialities
Features that are key differentiators.

In Process Email Campaign Management

You can start or stop the email campaign while an email campaign is still in process of being sent. This helps you to stop or pause and email campaigns that you might have sent by mistake and need to stop immediately.

Detailed analytics of your campaigns

We’re providing various reports such as View report, Bounce report, Spam report, Link Click report. View report states information about the total number of the viewer to your campaign.

Spam List / Unsubscribe List Management / Soft & Hard Bounce handling

Spam List: we’re providing “Report as Spam” link at the end email if a subscriber wants to report and that list is generated in our report. Unsubscribe List: Same as spam link we’ve “Unsubscribe” link for the consumers.

Contact List Management

We’re providing contact list management in which you can manage group as well as contact according to your choice. You can remove contacts which are not generating leads while doing a responsive email campaign.

Easy to use Campaign Manager

It is one of the main features of our email marketing agency to provide an easy 4 steps campaign manager to start an email campaign. Setup the Campaign Details, Design email, Add Contacts, Send, and you are done.

Drag & Drop Editor

Even the naive person can now design the Email Template with our Simple to Use Email Editor and responsive email template generator. It is an inbuilt tool which changes design according to your responsive template.

Email Personalization

With this tool, you can customize email for your customers. Personalized emails are more likely to be opened and clicked if sent at right time to right people using right content. You don’t have to write every time same type of content.

SMTP & API Integration for Email Automation

Our company integrates the services with your application to automate your process with our easy to integrate API's and SMTP. Integration can be done with the application like .NET Framework or Salesforce application.

Frequently Asked Questions

We ceaselessly work towards offering Excellent, Comprehensive,

Preview text, sometimes known as the preheader, is the snippet of text that appears after the email subject line in most email programs. It is a feature that email marketers can use to improve their delivery rates, by improving how their message looks in the inbox. It's often overlooked in message creation. If you do not create it in your message, email clients will display the first part of your message in its place.
To edit the subject line and preview text for a regular email campaign, follow these steps.
  • Navigate to the Campaign page.
  • Click the name of the draft campaign you want to work with.
  • In the Subject section, click Edit Subject.
  • Enter the Subject and Preview text you want to use.

The default details in the footer are the your address that you entered when you registered your account. You can edit this info by clicking Your Profile, at the top of the screen and You Can Change footer address at time sending mail.

It will be shown like this when you got email. Footer address should not be blank. More information about footer address can be found at their

You just have to Login to the Portal of the SMS Service provider like and after the initial Setup of DLT just Upload the Numbers and Text and in 1 click send the message. Its just like sending a mobile SMS.

1.Receivers Internet Service Provider (ISPs) may Block your Email and mark it as spam even before your subscriber even gets to receive it.

ISP’s have various algorithms to filter the content and one of the filter is Attachment when sent in Bulk. As lot of spammers use attachment to send email viruses your files could be a potential security threat to the receiver. And even if your email passes through the email server, spam filters of Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook and Yahoo! may block your attachment completely. This has a big impact on your email campaign deliverability and also hinders the reputation of our IP’s and thus impacting your account reputation with us.

2.There are high probabilities that your subscriber is likely think it to be spam.

Due to increase in Email Spams and hackers, many people are sceptical with the content of the email that the content might be intended to steal some information, and they doubt for Viruses in the attachment. If they see your email with a red eye and doubt about it then there is high chances of them hitting the SPAM button and report your email. And you already know the Impact of that action!

3.Your email size become too heavy.

Emails are transported from the sender to the receiver through various servers and Internet, so definitely larger the size of your email, slower is the speed of its delivery. Attachment also has high impact on our email delivery speeds and thus we are forced to Charge additional for the attachments. When an attachment makes your email too heavy, it can cause performance issues for your campaigns and also causes significant delays the delivery.

4.Your attachment is lost when the email is forwarded.

If in case your email is forwarded then the attachment doesn’t gets forwarded. Instead if you use Link attachment option then that will be carried forward in the forwarded emails and thus serving your purpose.

5.Limited Mailbox Space

Lot of people have limited space in their mail box and also have limit to the Size of Incoming file attachment. So larger files gets rejected due to “Over quota Error”.

6.Security Issue

Nowadays malware is commonly distributed in mail attachment with executable files or Zip files. Therefore even if you are sending attachment avoid sending ZIP, Word, excel or any such file which may contain viruses. Currently PDF attachments seem to be rather safe.

7.Reputation at risk

Some servers also might put the sending mail server on Black list which can imact our server reputations and put our services at risk causing our other clients to suffer on deliverability’s.'s campaign reports analyze link clicks, views, fail count, spam count;templates unsubscribe list, and more.

In this article, you'll learn where to find your campaign reports and about our reporting statistics.

Email report provides the information regarding how many subscribers have viewed your mail. It shows number of people who have reported you as spam and unsubscribed you. It also count numbers of emails failed to send. Email campaign report keeps all the information about email, sender and receiver, sent date, link click, etc. Thus, Email campaign report will help you in optimizing your next campaign as well as in monitoring your current campaign’s success.

These types of providers have adopted a DMARC policy that tells email inbox providers to reject any emails that don’t have the proper technical signatures.
For example, if you’re sending an email with a gmail address through a third-party software like, and outside of the gmail framework, your message will be rejected. This is done to prevent phishing scams and other types of attacks using the gmail domain. So dont send email from free email providers like,,

Why this happen

The service provider would just set the from address to the client email address and send the email. This email can be hosted on the client domain or it might be an or address. But there is a big problem with this functionlity because it is going to spam or bounce while we are using best Internet service provider

Purchase a Domain

You can purchase your registered domain in your email, and on your website. You can create email address and make DKIM and SPF setting in your domain panel. This helps make your entire online presence more recognizable to your audience and may improve delivery of your email campaigns.

If you are sending from,, or some other third party domain that neither you nor the customer on whose behalf you’d like to send control, We have bad news. You are going to have to find a new way. Starting very soon, those messages are never going to get delivered. Both Google and Microsoft are planning to implement this policy very soon, and Yahoo has already made the change.

We don’t know when the Gmail and Microsoft will officially stop allowing third-party sending without domain control, it is best to prepare to keep your delivery rates as high as possible. For more insight on how to reach the inbox, check out our Interactive Email Deliverability Guide.

Email Sending is an art and for better results and to avoid our email sending strategy to fail we need to understand the nitty-gritty of the factors affecting the reputation of an Email sender.

Following Points should be considered and kept in mind to avoid account Blockage & Blacklisting and Increase the positive results of our Email sending
  • Email to be sent to Subscribed User only.
  • Hard bounce ratio should not exceed 5% of the total subscriber count.
  • Spam Complaint ratio should not exceed 0.1% of the total subscriber count.
  • Email data should not be a purchased list
  • Email Subscriber List should not change frequently
  • "Sender address domain" should not contain any blacklisted domain or a domain pointed to blacklisted IP. To verify check the domain blacklist status on
  • Content should not contain any link containing any blacklisted domain or a domain pointed to blacklisted IP. To verify check the domain blacklist status on

  • First click on Compose Email tab then type your Sender name, Sender Address, Subject Name and Footer which is optional.
  • After fill all details click on next button.
  • Design portions select you’re create templates or create new templates. Select next button.
  • Contact management portion select group and using filter than select segment,tags,etc. After click on next button.
  • If you want to send customize subject and body contents you select personlaized tab and select above dropdown columns which you want to use otherwise click on next button.
  • Confirmation portion check your all details like subject, from , reply and count of contacts. Also you can send either attach a file or link with the email content.
  • If you want to send immdiate, click Send Email otherwise please check sheduled and select your desire datetime in text then send

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