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  1/2/2019 5:57:36 PM

Exciting new feature coming to Google’s update. Google announced a brand-new version of Google update for Shopping Insights on 16 October 2018. Shopping Insights give you search data on what people are searching for on Google related to products and brands.

Shopping Insights tell you what products and brands are popular, trending up or down, and how they vary by country.

What’s New? There Are Various New Features In The Shopping Insights Tool

  • The latest version added data for more than 55,000 products and 45,000 brands.
  • It also provides you with 5,000 categories to explore.
  • You can compare the popularity of a product and brand within searches for a category.
  • Get personalized reports with weekly and monthly product search data and trends.

Why It Matters To Marketers?

Marketers can drill into Google Insights data by region to understand what products are trendy. The popularity comparison means retailers can track the relative popularity of various products and brands within a category and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Marketers and retailers can also look at weekly and monthly trends during a given time period. You can check the holiday season to see what products and brands are trending and how that differed from other time periods. By tracking this data weekly and monthly, marketers and retailers can optimize their tactics in season, and respond to changing customer preferences within different categories.

5 Important Tips for Google Shopping Optimization By Our SEM Consulting Firm

Now that you know how to get started with your Google Shopping Insights campaigns let’s talk about how to optimize them. Google shopping campaign’s optimization can get a bit tricky, but with the tips below, you’ll be on your way to reaching more customers with your Google Shopping Product listing ads:

1: - Use Keyword-Rich Product Titles And Descriptions:

One of the most popular Google Shopping Insight optimization tactics is using SEO keywords to optimize your feed. Google takes keyword data from your product data feed to determine how it will show your ads in relevant search engine queries. So, you will want to keep best practices of SEO in mind when creating the data in your feed.

Start by creating a keyword-rich title. To optimize the product title, include brand name, style, model, color, size, department and other essential features within the title. Not only does this help Google serve your ads to the most relevant search engine users, but it will also provide a clear description for the customer who is searching for products like yours.

Use this same strategy when developing product descriptions. Include important details like materials, shape, patterns, textures, technical specifications, and other necessary features to describe your products.

Just as you don’t want to keyword stuff your blogs or site content, you should avoid doing this for your Google Shopping Insights data as well. Instead, aim for titles and descriptions that are helpful and descriptive, giving the user a clear idea of what your products and brands are.

2: - Include Negative Keywords In Your Google Shopping Ad campaigns:

Though you cannot actually bid on keywords in your Google Shopping campaigns, you can use negative keywords to avoid sending unwanted traffic to your website. You can use these negative keywords at the campaign level or add them to shopping ad groups.

To get started, add terms that you know are irrelevant to your product and brand. You can also add low performing queries later on after reviewing your search term report.

For example, if your store sells men’s clothing, you may want to include negative keywords like “women,” “women’s,” and “female” to ensure that Google isn’t serving your ad content to customers who are looking for women’s clothing.

 By driving more relevant traffic back to your website, you will boost sales while improving your Google Shopping ad campaign ROI. Remember to update your negative keyword list systematically to ensure it is accurate.

3 - Choose Engaging Product Images:


You only have a few seconds to capture the customer’s attention. That’s why it’s essential that you choose relevant, targeted images for your Google Shopping ads. The image should clearly and accurately portray your product while highlighting its best attributes.

When choosing images for your product and brand, use these optimization tips:

  • Choose high-resolution images that clearly showcase the product and brand.
  • Use images that highlight the features or options of the product.
  • Test product and lifestyle images to see which works great.
  • Avoid using images that include text or watermarks.

The ultimate goal here is to make your product images stand apart from the competition. Many e-commerce companies will use manufacturers photos or use photos that are very similar to the stock photos. However, if you want to drive traffic and increase sales, you’ll need to help differentiate your product photos from the images your competitors are using.

Sometimes this is as simple as taking a photo with a background. Many manufacturer stock photos that have a white background. By using pictures that showcase your product in a relevant setting, you can facilitate your image stand out immediately to search engine users.

4: - Enable Ratings And Review Count For Your Products And Brands:

Google offers you the option to show a star rating and review counts for your products. These will be seen below your product’s title on the Google Shopping ad. Google gathers these ratings and reviews from multiple sources, including your website, third-party sites, and editorial sites as well as Google users.

When you enable these ratings and reviews for your Product's Listing ads, it allows your brand to showcase the quality of your product. These reviews and ratings will help your ads stand out on the search engine results page (SERP) and help you surpass the competition.

To add these reviews to your ads, you will need to send a request to Google using the Product Ratings Interest Form. Google requires you to have at least 3 reviews on the single product and at least 50 reviews across all of your products to show your ratings on Google Shopping ad. To consistently get more reviews from your consumers, make a habit of following up through email or social media after each purchase and asking for feedback.

5: - Set Several Bids For Product Groups Based On Performance:

Though you can't bid on keywords with Google Shopping ads, you can bid on specific products. To do this effectively, you’ll want to first place your product's into different product groups.

Product groups assist you to separate your brand’s products into relevant categories. When creating groups for your products, consider what categories you use to separate the products on your website. For instance, if you sell men’s shoes, you might divide products by type – heels, boots, flats, court shoes, gladiator, sandals, etc.

Once you have created various categories for your products, you can then set separate bids for each product group. We recommend putting these bids based on sales performance or profit margins. To find your highest performing products, look below “Products” in AdWords. Also, consider the product you sell with the highest profit margins.

Once you have identified a group of best-selling products or products with high-profit margins, you can put these products into their own product group. Then, you can raise the bids for this product group, serving you maximum exposure for these products. Setting strategic bids for unique product categories is one of the best ways to ensure Google Shopping ads optimization and get the highest ROI for your Google Shopping ad spend.

Monitor performance over time and adjust your product categories and bid strategy based on your conclusions. For example, if you find that a product that used to be a best seller is now performing crudely, you should remove it from its current ad group and place it in a category with a lower bid.

Tired Of Keeping Up With Google Shopping Ad changes? SMSIdea has your back

Google Shopping ad campaigns are a must for every e-commerce brand. Not only do they help you connect with more customers on the search engines, but the customers you do reach are more likely to be interested in your products. Google Shopping Insight management is an ongoing process, but it’s vital for brands who want to use this powerful ad platform to increase sales. With the Google Shopping ads optimization tips above, you'll be well on your way to launching successful campaigns.

Launching successful Google Shopping campaigns can be a challenge if you don’t have much experience with the Google Shopping platform. If you want help with Google Shopping ads campaign management, you have come to the right place. SMSIdea’s team specializes in Google Shopping ads optimization and can help you take your campaigns to the next level. So, if you are searching for a genuine and result oriented SEM consulting firm then contact us now.

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