New SEO Trends That Can Make Your Business Google's Favorite

  12/27/2018 6:09:50 PM

2018 has become an immense period to outsource SEO services with new trends, updates, and tools that helped to optimize our techniques and strategies and performing better overall. Search Engine Optimization has expanded by leaps and bounds since it was first introduced in the early 2000s. Outsourcing SEO services has helped to boost SEO to new heights, leaving more room for growth in the near future. So, to stay ahead of the pack, it is crucial to closely monitor the changes in the Google algorithms which is required to keep you ahead of your competitors


Top SEO Trends In 2019


The Same Old Mobile First

Of course, mobile has had a dramatic impact on the digital panorama over the past few years. What this meant was that after a lot of testing, Google confirmed that it is crawling and moving a large number of sites to this mobile-first indexing process. If your website is not appearing virtuous on the mobile, Googlebot will ignore the website and move on without bothering to index it.

So, make sure your website has a responsive design or both mobile and desktop versions have identical content. So, in 2019, start your year by outsourcing your SEO services and be assured that your website is mobile first.  


Improve Your UX And Look Into Rank Brain

Google announced an AI algorithm called Rank Brain and later it was stated as the 3rd most important ranking factor. The secret to the success with Google, in some ways, is related to UX signals and behavioral metrics.

Rank Brain helps this algorithm simplify the long-tail and complex searches and its intent to match users with the most relevant website and answers.

Rank Brain pays attention of user experience signals such as:

  •     Organic CTR (Click-Through-Rate)
  •     Dwell Time
  •     Bounce Rate
  •     Pogo-sticking

So how can you improve them? There some most important techniques:

  •     Optimize Title and Description tags for better CTR
  •     Create in-depth content
  •     Use LSI (Latent semantic indexing) keywords
  •     Improve usability
  •     Boost page load speed


Voice Search Is The New Search

Yes, voice search will start earning popularity as the years come. Nowadays, many people are now using Alexa and Siri for their commands and searches (around 20% of mobile searches are made by voice). The rapidly you can answer the questions of your customer, the more likely they are to use your services or buy your product; and in turn show, your brand loyalty in the future.  


So, you should take into account some aspects to outsource SEO services that affect voice search:

  •     Optimization of featured snippets
  •     Long-tail voice-oriented keywords
  •     Focus on the mobile-friendliness to rank high on voice searches
  •     Local SEO


 Content Optimization and Technical SEO

While pinpointing the trends, you should never forget about basic on-page SEO. This is probably an obvious trend to focus on, though not a lot of website owners focus on content but onto the number of keywords in it! High-quality content is just more important too.

Along with, having technical issues such as low page load speed, duplicate content or missing title and description meta tags, will also demolish all your efforts. Recently, Google confirmed that there is an algorithmic update that focuses on the content quality. The content should always be informative and helpful to users and must contain the right keywords that will lead them to access the said content. After all, this search engine is committed to serving their users only massive and polished content.  

So, Outsource your SEO services to help to keep track of the latest trends and performs for your success!


Featured Snippets Rankings Will Have Better Value


If you make a query using any popular keyword, you would probably notice not only paid and organic results in SERP as it used to be a decade ago but also a variety of featured snippets (knowledge graph, rich answers, instant functionality etc.). This is a big deal, as users will see these results first, even better than being at the top of the list.

If you want your website’s key pieces as a featured snippet, here are some quick tips to follow:

  •     Make sure your page ranks high already
  •     Ask the question in your article and answer it
  •     Use eye-catching images and videos  
  •     Use bulleted lists and numbers, especially for your sub headers


The Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Since the past couple of years, AI was just a buzzword in the market. Now, it is officially a segment of SEO trends. AI Technology has been slowly but surely become much better in recent years, that help companies connect to users during their off-hours. From the perspective of SEO, we know that Google is using Rank Brain – a machine learning AI – to process substantial portions of their search engine results.

Basically, the goal of introducing AI into search engine algorithms is to predict outcomes that are more useful to humans. Google’s continued efforts to embrace AI means we can expect to see more and more search results where ranking factors alters from query to query. This will be a strike by factors such as location, search history, favorite websites and what other users clicked on for a similar query.  

However, it won’t hurt businesses to start preparing themselves in the meantime by integrating some features & aspects of AI into their internet marketing strategy so that they expand with the technology and keep up with the times.


Video content


There’s little denying the power of the advancement of video in terms of entertainment and information value. Since June 15 2018, Google switched out the static three-video display for a more wide-range of video carousel. This new version allows users to keep on scrolling through around separate eight listings. If you weren’t already convinced that video marketing is a must, now you have proof.

This, of course, means that – if you’re not already serving your readers and visitors the chance to learn more about what you do through video presentation or otherwise, you stand to miss out on a tiny slice of the pie.

Whether you set up a YouTube channel or offer daily video updates which you can update on-site, consider things from your readers’ perspective. Watching video content is easy – whether you’re informing, entertaining or selling products, this type of direct approach is hugely effective with a large slab of the market.




As Google’s SEO algorithms become more and more tailored toward offering better SERPs for customers, businesses will have to build websites that meet customers’ needs. This way one has the potential to attract walk-ins or customers that wouldn’t ordinarily walk into your store but now will do so because they found you at the top of the search results.

Don’t just sleep on the digital revolution to take place. Do what you need to get your business at the cutting edge of your customer’s attention, which might mean outsourcing SEO services or hiring a reputable digital marketing company to ensure that your website is correctly optimized according to the latest trends.


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